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Company Update!

We are busy in the field doing larger jobs than when we started out. This is good news for us, but unfortunately we won’t be able to handle small jobs. Please choose from the following actions:


Professional Spray Bedliner Job

This is how we di it ~

Spray Lining Equipment

We are your number one spray truck bedliner installer in Wisconsin.

Spray Bedliner Benefits

  • Prevent rust and corrosion in addition to everyday wear and tear
  • Anti-stick coating available for easy cleanup
  • Anti-slip coating available to prevent load from sliding

Call 1-855-707-1503 to speak directly with Shop crew chief or email us: info@tjsbedliners.com.

Call 1-855-545-4900 to speak directly with Spray-Lining and Coatings Manufacturer

Thickest Bed Liner for DIY

The Do It Yourself Spray Bed Liner kits from Herculiner, Al’s Liner and Raptor(U-POL) do not offer enough material in one kit to cover a bed properly. The Spray-Lining DIY BEd Liner kit offers 2.3 gallons of material for a 6 foot bed which is twice as much as the competition. Not only that, they really recommend a 2 bed kit for an 8 foot bed. The other companies do not place the level of importance on this as Spray-Lining.


In addition to a superior coating that is thicker than the rest, Spray-Lining and Coatings also offers a top notch spray hopper gun with all DIY kits. Their hopper gun is a 2 gallon graco style system that handles the PSI needed to properly atomize the bed liner materials for the best coverage and build.

Spray-Lining Bed Liner DIY Kits are not just for trucks. They also manufacture kits for Jeeps, Boats and most other applications. Their 2 stage UV Stable Color system is a breed above the rest with superior color retention and a completely customizable color system that can be tinted at the factory or by the applicator with high grade auto/marine tints.

Read Testimonials for DIY Bed Liner that were applied by Spray-Lining and Coatings Customers.

We are Growing

We have are currently finishing up the construction of a new facility. With over 5000 square feet of shop space we will continue to get your important work done in your time.

Spray Bedliner for trailers in Waupun Wisconsin provided by TJ's Bedliners

Quality Spray Bedliners is a no brainer for trailers

Trailer Bedliners

We can compete with every brand in cost per gallon, customer approval, mil thickness, and jobs found.

  • No headaches!
  • Won’t Crack or peel
  • Choose any texture and color
  • Super Hard or Ultra Smooth

Ensure your cargo stays put during travel and your trailer value is increased because of the protection of its lining solution.

Attention to Detail – Spray Bedliners in Waupun Wisconsin

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